About the studio

Maevine is a botanical design studio in Washington, DC that focuses on curiosity, discovery, and making connections between people, nature, and the built environment.

The studio focuses on two main services:

  1. Site-sensitive & Biophilic Design - providing creative direction and interior plant styling for restaurants, shops, cafes, homes & workplaces

  2. Placemaking & Experiential Design - planning and creating installations for public and private events

Custom floating planters designed and installed by Maevine

Custom floating planters designed and installed by Maevine

Meet the Founder

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“Maevine emerged in the summer of 2018 as a creative outlet and a personal brand. The idea organically stemmed from my professional experiences in landscape architecture, adoration for interior design, and affinity for the city life.

Simply put, I work with plants to change the perception of spaces. And while doing so, I want to help people think about plants, not as decoration objects, but as important contributors in our lives that help nourish our human desires to connect with others, sustain relationships, and belong in a community.”

- Suzy Cho, PLA


Suzy Cho, PLA is a landscape architect, environmental planner, and graphic artist. She has worked on a variety of project types including residential, commercial, institutional, and public projects involving community planning, placemaking, stormwater management, and memorable brand experiences. Suzy is a licensed professional in the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia.